Ongoing Interventions

A glimpse at some of the projects being undertaken by the present cohort of SPARC Associates


Pond De-Siltation Project, Bolangir (Odisha)


This fellowship has helped me to understand various schemes, delivery systems, and their implementation on the ground. It also allows me to experiment, learn and deliver on a broad canvas.

Siddhant Panda, SPARC Associate 


Animal Husbandry, Mahabubnagar (Telengana)


Its been a great experience working directly with district administration, corporates (CSR) and NGOs to bring large-scale development in the constituency impacting thousands of households

Harshvardhan Sharma, SPARC Associate 


Paddy Cultivation, Kaliabor (Assam)


I have learned that development and ‘bringing about change’ is a slow process and the success of any project is dependent on how well the community responds to your effort.

Simran Rana, SPARC Associate