The SPARC Associate

Learn about the role and eligibility criteria for a SPARC Associate

Over a year, SPARC Associates will be expected to create sustainable solutions by involvingĀ stakeholders from across the community through the MP’s office.

Who are we looking for?

Basic Criteria

  • Young professionals from top universities with strong academic background
  • 2-4 years of work experience strongly preferred (if you are a fresh graduate, be sure to show why you are exceptional)
  • Consulting and/or on-ground experience preferred
  • Demonstrable research and execution capabilities
  • Strong communication skills (including ability to handle social media)

Desired Criteria

  • Ability to speak multiple Indian languages
  • Phenomenal speaking and writing skills (remember to be concise and to the point)
  • Willingness to work with teams and new people
  • An optimisticĀ attitude

SPARC Associates should beĀ 

Catalyzing Change in the Constituency

SPARC Associates will be assigned specific development projects for their respective MPs that they will be expected to complete during their tenure. The Associates responsibilities might range from conceptualizing to launching a program. SPARC Associates will be expected to work in partnership with the MPs office and other stakeholders in the constituency. Emphasis will be placed on using data-driven tools for monitoring, evaluation and effective governance.   


Bridging the Knowledge Gap

The Associates will be expected to provide critical research support to the Parliamentarian. This might include a brief on recently launched government schemes or a detailed research note on a specific development approach. The Associate will be expected to work with primary research sources and Swaniti to develop such knowledge documents, while using data extensively in all their research. 

Delivering Impact

Crore Rupees mobilized for constituency development

lakh households impacted

Number of MPs for the SPARC Program