The Program

SPARC Program pioneers in delivering developmental solutions to the Members of the  Parliament to improve public service delivery in the most marginalized communities in India


A SPARC Associate, in the constituency, works as a catalyst to mobilize resources from poorly performing government schemes by working through the office of the MP and activating key levers within the government system to make it more effective. Apart from the government schemes, the Associate also identifies and implements projects that can benefit the constituents by sourcing funds from either CSR or government programs.



We have worked in thirty-five constituencies that are spread across 15 out of 29 states in India.

SPARC Associates have worked in the fields of Agriculture, Education, Livelihood, Renewable Energy, Social Welfare, Water, Health and Nutrition and Environment


SPARC plays an instrumental role in empowering the most marginalized section of the society by working with the Elected representatives and the Government machinery. The Program’s objective is to improve the last-mile public service delivery

-Ms. Rwitwika Bhattacharya, Founder & CEO, Swaniti Initiative




SPARC Associates engage with four-key stakeholders in the constituency

  • Work with Members of Parliament to activate the Systems
  • Approach Administration for Implementation
  • Reach out to the community for maximum Impact and Effect
  • Collaborate with NGOs/ CSR companies to create a sustainable ecosystem

Swaniti Initiative works with Ank Aha! to empower the local through data and technology. Ank Aha! and SPARC Associates leverage the understanding and learnings from working within communities to provide data-driven solutions in the constituencies