Our Partners

We thank our partners the TATA TRUSTS and the Constitution Club of India for their continued support and cooperation for the SPARC Program

Tata Trusts is amongst India’s oldest, non-sectarian philanthropic organisations that work in several areas of community development viz. education; healthcare and nutrition; rural livelihoods; natural resource management; data driven governance; enhancing civil society and governance and media, arts, crafts and culture.

Policy makers and administrators today have an opportunity to make use of the big data revolution for better delivery of services. While there is a presence of large disaggregated data sets, they are not utilized to their full potential. Realising the value of ‘technology’ and ‘data’ and how it can potentially revolutionise decision making, Tata Trusts have actively taken up the agenda of striving towards ‘data-driven governance’, to inform, impact and improve policy making, with a view to facilitate holistic development of the nation including infrastructure and human development. As the pressure builds for governments to perform and deliver on promises within a limited span of time, it becomes all the more necessary to make quick and effective decisions that can drive meaningful outcomes. Tata Trusts intends to play a pivotal role in enhancing data capabilities of governments by creating a ‘culture of data’ and accountable governance

The Constitution Club of India is a collective of Indian Parliamentarians, who have united together to serve the purpose of supporting one another. The Club, acts as a platform for Members of Parliament to engage with each other on issues of policy making and governance and is committed to provide assistance to them. Given that Constituency level development is a critical role of a Member of Parliament as an elected representative and no such human resources are available to them for this purpose, the Club in partnership with Tata Trusts and Swaniti Initiative formulated the SPARC Program. With a wide network among Parliamentarians and policy makers, the Club will act as a technical support partner for the program.