Application Process

Understand the application process

Application Process

The SPARC Program will follow a four step application process. The program is as follows:

How to apply for the SPARC program:

Follow the following two steps:

Last date for completing the application process is 15th August 2016, 10 P.M. IST.

If shortlisted, you will receive an e-mail with the task mentioned. Due to high volume of applications, we do not confirm receipt of submission or provide individual feedback to applicants.

Upon qualifying subsequent rounds, intimation shall be provided through e-mail.

Frequently Asked Questions:


What is the tenure of a SPARC?

A SPARC Associate will start 1st September 2016 and end 31st August 2017 to work for a year.

What shall be the stipend?

The stipend shall be INR 40,000 per month, without tax deductions.

Who does the SPARC work with?

The SPARC is answerable to the MP and Engagement Manager. Quarterly performance reviews will be held for the SPARC.

Where will the SPARC be based?

SPARCs will be based all over the country, including Delhi, since the focus is to bring constituency level development.

Who are the SPARC MPs?

SPARCs will get to know their MPs at the time that an offer is made to them.

Do SPARCs get any leave time?

Yes. SPARCs get one leave day a month.

In case of any specific queries, please feel free to write to us at